User Docs

Connect Wallet and Add Network

0-1-1 | Launch App
Go to, click on Start Now or Launch App button. You can also go straight to to skip this stage.
Please bear in mind that these screenshots have been taken from our testnet domain to provide a clear and concise step-by-step guide and the exact data shown to you might differ from what's on the User Guides section.
0-1-2 | Connect Wallet
Here, you'll have to connect your respective Wallet. Click on either button provided for this purpose, highlighted in this picture.
0-1-3 | Connect Wallet
Select your wallet. In this example, we're using a Metamask wallet. Your wallet will pop up and ask for required permissions to connect to Australis.
0-2-1 | Add Network
Make sure the domain name displayed to you on your wallet is if you're trying to add the Aurora Mainnet and if you're trying to add the Aurora Testnet. Select your target wallet address or "Select all" and click on "Next".
0-2-2 | Add Network
Double-check your selected wallet address(es) and if you agree to the required permissions to connect your wallet to Australis, click "Connect".
0-2-3 | Add Network
The network your wallet is currently connected to is displayed on your wallet. In this example it's "Ethereum Mainnet". To proceed, you should allow to add the Aurora network where it's operating, to your wallet. Make sure the Network URL displayed on your wallet matches this example exactly ( as well as the Chain ID (131361554). Then, click "Approve".
0-2-3 | Add Network
Allow Australis to switch your wallet's network from whatever it currently is to Aurora by clicking "Switch network".
Congrats! you've successfully added Aurora network, connected your wallet and now you're good to go!