User Docs


1-1-1 | Home Page
After your wallet is successfully connected, you're taken to your Home page where you can see your wallet's data in relation to the app (i.e., asset balance, deposits, borrows, APY, health factor, etc.)
1-2-1 | Deposit
To deposit an asset, be it as a means of passive income or to use as collateral, scroll down your Home page. You can find all the listed assets available to deposit and whether you can use them as collateral, under "Assets to Deposit". Choose your asset and click on "Deposit".
1-2-2 | Deposit
You can see the total balance of that asset available in your wallet in the "Balance" section. Type down the amount you would like to deposit or simply click on "MAX" to deposit the entire available balance. The Deposit APY, Collateralization and Health Factor are displayed to you in the Transaction Overview section and beneath that your transaction gas price is calculated and displayed. As you can see it's considerably lower than most other chains. Make sure you have enough ETH on your wallet to make the transaction as the gas cost is deducted from the ETH balance of your wallet. Then simply click on "Deposit" and confirm your transaction on your wallet.
1-2-3 | Deposit
Congrats! your transaction is submitted and as soon as you receive your "Transaction Successful" notification, you're good to go. If you don't already have the asset's token imported on your wallet, you can click on the "Add to wallet" button or dismiss the message.
1-2-4 | Deposit
now you can find your deposited assets under "Your Deposits" in your Home page. All other statistics will be changed accordingly.