User Docs

Enable/Disable Assets as Collateral

5-1-1 | Enable/Disable Collateral
To allow or disallow a certain deposited asset to be used as collateral for your open loan positions or future borrows, on your Home page, under "Your Deposits" find the desired asset and click on the blue slider under "Collateral". (All deposited assets, except USDT are collateralized by default).
5-1-2 | Enable/Disable Collateral
Your asset balance on the protocol is displayed in the Transaction Overview section and so is your post transaction Health Factor. If you have an open position, make sure disabling your selected asset won't reduce your Health Factor so much so that it would put you at risk of liquidation. The transaction gas fee is also calculated and displayed. Click on "Disable as collateral".
5-1-3 | Enable/Disable Collateral
After confirming the transaction is successful, you can find the asset's collateral slider turn grey under "your Deposits" in your Home page. Naturally, other statistics will change accordingly.
You can repeat the same steps to reverse the process and enable a deposited asset as collateral.