User Docs


4-1-1 | Repay
On your Home page, you can find your open positions under "Your Borrows". To repay a loan, find the asset you'd like to repay and click on "Repay".
4-1-2 | Repay
Type in the amount you would like to repay or click on "MAX" if you'd like to repay the entire loan. Your wallet asset balance is displayed in the Balance section. Post transaction information such as your Remaining Debt and Health Factor is calculated and displayed in the "Transaction Overview" section. The transaction gas fee is also calculated and displayed. Click on "Repay".
4-1-3 | Repay
After you have confirmed the transaction on your wallet, your transaction is submitted. You will receive the transaction status notification shortly.
4-1-4 | Repay
If your transaction is successful, you can see the repaid asset deducted from your wallet. On your Home page, statistics such as APY, Health Factor and Net Worth are adjusted accordingly and under "Your Borrows" as well (In this example the entire loan is repaid so the position is completely closed).